10 Reasons Why You Need to Come to the Boston Salsa Festival 2016!!

Are you still trying to figure out if you should book your flight and buy your passes for the Boston Salsa Festival 2016? If so, let me explain to you why you NEED to make plans to be in Boston on August 19th to the 21st. The following are not ranked in any particular order but each are important reasons why a trip to Beantown is in your near future.

SHeraton Boston Hotel

1. Beautiful NEW Hotel Location

While the Westin Hotel was a great venue to host the past 3 BSF events, it certainly wasn't convenient to reach, especially for our many out-of-town visitors. Luckily, BSF 2016 will finally be hosted near the center of downtown Boston. What this means is that anywhere and everywhere you want to go will be easily accessible by public transportation. You will have plenty of time to explore Boston during the parts of the day you aren't dancing or attending workshops. With so much to see and do, a single weekend may not be enough time and subsequent visits to future BSF events will be in order!

Beautiful Boston

2. Boston is a Beautiful City to Explore

Boston is filled with many things to see and do for not only its locals but for the millions of yearly visitors. Walk around downtown and see a mix of both modern urban architecture and historic colonial sites, which appear captured in time. Take a stroll within the picturesque Boston Common and the Public Garden. Jog along the runner's paradise that is the Charles River or simply wait to watch the sunset. Whatever it is you decide to do while in Boston, be prepared to become as enamored with this city as many of us already are!

Photo CREDIT: Mark Sijka

Photo CREDIT: Mark Sijka

3. Boston is Filled with Many Amazing and Friendly Dancers

Boston is a city of people from many different backgrounds and nationalities. Mainly thanks to being so close to Europe, you'll be surprised at the large variety of people you will meet on the dance floor. The Boston dancers are known far and wide for their unwavering friendliness and simply want to have a blast getting to dance with so many new people!

Photo Credit: Enrique Yaptenco

Photo Credit: Enrique Yaptenco

4. Performers are Not Only Top-Notch but Want to Dance with YOU!

Andres Giraldo is known for being not only a world-class performer and DJ, but most importantly, for being someone who loves to social dance. This is why it was imperative that the Boston Salsa Festival was filled with performers who were not only known world-wide for their talent but who also lived to spend the night on the dance floor. Also, there are many international artists attending from as far away as Brazil to Germany, and they are all ready to bring you an incredible show. The entire BSF team is working hard to create an experience you won't forget and the only way you see it for yourself is to make sure you are here to witness it!

Orlando Marin & Frankie Figueroa

5. Orlando Marin Orchestra with Vocals by Frankie Figueroa

First off, if these names don't ring a bell then you need to get online and discover their music right now! Orlando Marin, known as the Last Living Mambo Legend, is a powerhouse from the Mambo Era, as is Frankie Figueroa who has provided vocals for everyone from Tito Puente to Willie Rosario. If you ever wondered what it would be like to travel back to a time when Mambo ruled the streets and the Palladium was where you had to be, then this concert is one that can't be missed. Let me repeat it, this CAN NOT BE MISSED!

Photo Credit: Enrique Yaptenco

Photo Credit: Enrique Yaptenco

6. Salsa Solo Competition with Grand Prize Round-Trip to Australia

You think you have what it takes to dominate the stage? If so, make sure to register to compete in the Salsa Solo Competition, in partnership with Salsa Solo USA. The winner will win a Round-Trip flight to Australia to compete in the Salsa Solo Australia and International Competition. Get those last minute practice sessions in and prepare to bring your best!

Boston's FInest DJs

7. Boston's Finest DJs Will Keep You Dancing All Night Long

Not only does Boston have talented dancers, but their DJs are known for making each night more epic than the last. Whether you are looking for Mambo, Guaguanco, Boogaloo, Cha Cha, Bachata, or Kizomba, these Boston DJs will have exactly what you're looking for and more. In fact, they may be TOO good so come prepared to dance and not leave the dance floor until the end of the night. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Social Dancing Experience

8. Only the Finest Social Dancing Experience

So we have the beautiful Sheraton hotel filled with amazing and friendly Boston dancers and the finest Boston DJs to ever grace your ears, what else could you want? How about a spacious wooden dance floor to fit all the happy dancing couples? BSF will be providing the space you need to make sure you are dancing comfortably and joyously for the entire night.

Photo Credit: Enrique Yaptenco

Photo Credit: Enrique Yaptenco

9. Hosted Again by the Dynamic Duo of Johnny Giraldo and Joel Acevedo

Each year, Johnny and Joel make sure that we have a blast as we wait for each performance to go on. Nothing is expected and anything goes! This can include an impromptu magic show or the return of the Great Shimmy Competition. Whatever it is, prepare to be entertained by these humble yet gracious hosts. In other words, hilarity will ensue.

Sad Kitty

10. You'll Regret Missing It for the Rest of the Year

I believe I've said all I can say about why you NEED to come to the Boston Salsa Festival 2016, unless of course, you are opposed to having fun and having an amazing time. Don't be that guy or gal who flips through all the pictures afterwards saying, "Shucks, I knew I should've gone!" If you've already booked your flight and your passes then feel relieved knowing that this will be an event you will remember forever. If you haven't, then what are you waiting for?! I'll see each and every one of you on the dance floor!